Dividend-Café is a blog about investing for sustainable dividends.
Investing shouldn’t be complicated. If you can’t explain a concept in 20 minutes over a coffee, it is too difficult. But it doesn’t need to be that way. I believe anyone can do it with a little help to get started.
With this blog I’m trying to talk about my “Different View” from a lot of conventional wisdom that we are hearing everywhere. You go to the bank and are usually sold a product to invest in. Do you know exactly what you’re buying? Do you know how much you’ll pay to manage that money? How does your return compare to what happens in the market? Why not just buy bank shares on your own and collect a 4% dividend and watch it grow.
We have built a dividend portfolio that replaced more than our salaries and allowed us to retire early and without having to use capital.
There is a lot in the blogosphere on this subject, but I would like to add my view to it and also share how we were able to get to our goal and exceed it.
I retired a year ago and live in the Vancouver area of British Columbia with my family. My investment experience is from reading books and magazines, and questioning everything with a common sense approach.
Now I have to figure out how to make this new phase of life successful. How many coffee meetings can I have in a week, some golf, maybe some volunteering, and this blog? I’m sure we’ll figure this out.